Philippians 4:15-19 

Lets Serve Together

In Philippians 4:15-19, Paul talks about how when the church partnered with his ministry that not only did his ministries needs get met, but it opened the door for God to supply all the needs of the church as well, "according to the riches and glory in Christ Jesus." (Phil  4:19) 

Things we ask from a Church Partnership

Prayer Coordinator 

This is a person, in your church, who will be dedicated to praying for HI. This is also our contact person to send prayer requests to. After we send a request, they would be responsible for sharing the need with the church. We want to pray for your needs as well. If your church is believing for something we want you to let us know! We will send the information to our prayer team so that you have people all over the world believing with you. 

Food Packaging Event once a year

HOPE for Kidz is a huge part of what HI does and we want to make sure that your church stays active in this ministry. So we ask that once a year your church hosts a Food Packaging Event. This event can be as small or big as you want.  It can be anything from a youth event to a church-wide event. After the event, you can choose to keep the meals to distribute on your own or send the meals with us to send to our designated areas of need.  For more info, go to the HOPE for Kidz tab. 

Give HOPE Now Service once a year

Once a year, we will ask to have 10-15 minutes of a Sunday morning service to give your congregation an update on what is going on in HI. During this time we will show a 2 minute video and then speak for roughly 10 minutes about what HI is doing and how they can be involved. We will also have a resource table set up in your lobby with resources, ways to give, and volunteer sign ups. 

Love Offering 

When you partner with HI, we open up all of our resources to you. You have unlimited access to what we have available. We ask that you pray about a quarterly amount that you can sow into our ministry. There are no specifications on the amount that is given, we just ask that as we pour into you that you sow back into us so that we can continue to do Gods work with no limitations. 

When you become a church partner you will receive a partner code. This code allows you to easy request resources for someone in need through our app. Once we receive your request we will reach out to the individual and schedule a time for them to pick up their items .  We want to help you continue to reach the lost and hurting, so, if you are in need of resources to serve your community... LET US KNOW! We would love to plan an outreach event at your facility. 

Let's book your launch!

A launch service is your first Give HOPE Now service! 

Individual Partnership 


In Exodus, Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold up his arms so that the Israelites could win the battle against the Amalekites. When you partner with HOPE International to give $17 a month, you are "lifting our arms" so that we can continue to do Gods work around the world! When you click the link below, go to the donation portion and you will have the option to select "monthly" and "Ex17", enter in $17 or the amount that you desire and you are all set! We sincerely appreciate your support!