Disaster Relief

A natural disaster happens suddenly with little to no warning and often leaves it's victims stripped of everything they once knew as home.   It can be hard to find hope in these situations. This is why HOPE International tries to be there with the resources needed to bring hope back to their situation.

We send highly trained and experienced team members to the area to scout for distribution locations. We try to always work out of a local church. The reason for this is, we believe people in these situations need spiritual support just as much as they need physical items.  The goal is that by the time the relief period is over and HOPE International leaves, the families have built relationships inside the church and begin to grow a support team.

Depending on the type of disaster and the degree of the destruction, HI5 teams will be requested to do anything from supply distribution to clean up and rebuilds. We make sure that we never request a team to do anything that they are not prepared to do.  We carefully match up the needs with the experience level of the team member.