What is HI5?



"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith

Disaster Relief

A natural disaster leaves it victims helpless and hopeless. We want to be a source of hope for these individuals and families.
As soon as a disaster area is safe to enter, our emergency relief teams scout the area for a local church to set up as a distribution site.  When the site is established, HI will begin coordinating  relief trucks and organizing volunteers and HI5 teams.
Depending on the type of disaster and degree of its destruction, HI5 teams are equipped to do anything from distributing supplies, to clean-up and rebuild. HI5 teams are scheduled according to skill level.

Crisis Relief

At HI, we consider a crisis to be any life-altering situation.  Sometimes life knocks people down and all they need is a hand up.  Crisis relief outreach includes anything from visiting an elderly person in the nursing home to helping someone who's starting over set up their home. 
There are people in need that only you can reach. You have a gift that only you can give. When you join a HI5 team, HI helps you connect your gift to a need that's waiting to be met. 

Give H20

Give Hope 2 Others Homeless Outreach

Give H20 is an outreach program designed to give those experiencing homelessness the basic necessities and resources they need to get to their next step.  Give H20 provides showers, haircuts, coats, socks, shoes, hygiene and care items, laundry services, and dental care to those who are homeless. All of these services are mobile units which can be set up in any parking lot. 
" The thought of my suffering and homelessness is bitter beyond words. I will never forget this awful time as I grieve over my loss. Yet, I still dare to HOPE when I remember this : The faithful love of the Lord never ends!"
                                                                                               Lamentations 3:19-22

HOPE for Kidz

Food Packaging Hunger Relief Program

HOPE for Kidz is a hunger relief program that provides a way for people to feed the hungry for only $0.20 per meal.
Food Packaging Events are fun team building events where anyone ages 5 to 95 can serve together.  We bring all the raw ingredients and equipment then the volunteers enjoy a high energy event packing meals .
After the event, the meals either stay local for food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens, or they go over seas to our partnering mission teams.

"For I was hungry and you fed me. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. "

                                                                                     Matthew 25:35

Smiles of HOPE

Dental Clinic

Smiles of HOPE Dental Clinic provide patients with a low cost alternative for extractions. Licensed dentists from all over the state volunteer as part of our dental team to make sure that every patient receives quality treatment. The fee to register is $20 then on clinic day it's simply $5 per tooth extracted. 
Our 10 chair clinic is located in Dexter, MO. We also have a mobile clinic that travels all over the U.S. and provides free extractions to those in need. 

Here I am Lord.
Send Me.


What is a HI5 team?

A HI5 team is a group of five people who serve in creative ways throughout the year in one of our five mission fields listed above.  HI help these teams connect their hobbies with needs in their communities.  Then HI5 teams, connected to the same mission field, serve together at outreach events provided by HI. 

What are the guidelines for joining a HI5 team?

Everyone who applies to join a HI5 team will be interviewed, agree to a background check, and complete online training provided by HI.  We serve under the name of Jesus so we make sure that anyone serving on one of our teams identifies themselves as a born again Christian. We want to make sure that everything we do for others point them in the direction of a relationship with Christ. 

How do I become a HI5 Team Leader? 

To become a HI5 Team Leader simply select the "Team Leader" option when signing up under a mission field above. After HI receives your application, you will be contacted by someone from our Headquarters to begin your interview process. Every application is prayed over and chosen by a selection committee. 

How often will I be asked to serve?

We ask that our HI5 teams meet at least once a month. However, all of these meetings do not have to be service projects. Some of your meetings can be used to gather, create supplies or fundraise for your mission field. Then at least two times a year, HI will ask you to join other HI5 teams and serve in your mission field at an outreach event put on be HI. 

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.