Harvest Time

"You know the saying, 'Four months between planting and harvest.' But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest." John 4:35
I heard a story the other day about two friends. Sarah had a deep relationship with God and only assumed her friend Laura did as well. Laura ended up disappearing for a few days and Sarah couldn't get ahold of her. After three days, she finally came back and explained that she went  to a party and these people gave her a drug that gave her peace and joy and freedom like she has never felt before. Laura offered Sarah some, but Sarah simply declined and walked away. After that moment, Sarah left bawling feeling like she had let God down. She knew a God and Savior that was the only source of peace, joy, and freedom. She never mentioned any of this to her friend. She never even talked about how good He was or that Laura could experience a love and peace like never before through Him.

Isn't this us every day?! How many times have we had the opportunity to show Jesus to people but didn't. There are so many friends and even family members that we talk to every single day that have no idea about this type of relationship with Jesus. They have no idea that His love for us is unconditional, and that He is the father to the fatherless. He is the only peace that can calm storms.

What if we decided to step up. Just like it says in this verse, to wake up. We do not have time, for the time is NOW. It is Harvest Time. It is time for us to be His living and breathing hands and feet. To operate in His love and to talk about His goodness. You might be the only Jesus they will ever see.
Dear Heavenly Father, give me such a boldness for you. I want to show your goodness and love to everyone that needs you. Please forgive me for passing up so many opportunities to help change lives. I am ready to be used, so God, use me. Use my hands and feet to show people that there is no other source of peace and joy other than through you. Thank you for your continual grace and thank you for choosing me to help build your Kingdom. I love you. In your son's name, amen.